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“Christians in revival are accordingly found living in God’s presence (Coram Deo), attending to His Word, feeling acute concern about sin and righteousness, rejoicing in the assurance of Christ’s love and their own salvation, spontaneously constant in worship, and tirelessly active in witness and service, fueling these activities by praise and prayer.”

Brothers and sisters in Jesus, we need to be desperate for revival!

Do we pray for revival every day?

Our churches and our nation (USA) needs God to send genuine spiritual revival!


May our Heavenly Father send genuine spiritual revival in 2014!

Let us resolve to pray more with fervency and urgency!


We are in desperate need of spiritual revival and renewal in America. Please refresh your church and wake up your people to see and understand that we was have sinned and compromised your Word. On this Lord’s Day, May 5, 2013, may millions of Christians urgently seek you in prayer and worship!

In Jesus Holy Name!


Father, the American Church is in great need of spiritual revival. On the first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem in order to pay the price for our sins on the cross. On that day, Jesus wept over the sins of the people of the city. May we wept over our own sins and for the sins of the church. Come Lord Jesus Come!


Holy Father,

The church in America desperately needs spiritual revival and your fire from heaven. We need for you to show up in our churches on this Lord’s Day on March 3, 2013. Unless you act Lord, nothing will happen. Unless you intervene Father, the American church will continue to lose ground. Lord, cause your people to cry out to you in prayer. Make us desperate for you. 

In Jesus Holy Name! Amen! 


Please send revival to your people in America. The only hope for real, genuine change in America is spiritual revival! May your people–those who claim to be born-again–pray as if today is their last day to live. May we seek you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength! May we forsake our idols and die to our selfishness. Wake up the church!

In Jesus’ Holy and Matchless Name!


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