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“The tendency of fire is to go out; watch the fire on the altar of your heart”

~ Wesley Duewel, Ablaze for God

Wesley L. Duewel, in his book, Ablaze for God writes:

All Christians believe in the duty of some prayer each day. Most, however, have an ordinary prayer life except in emergencies. Too often they have never realized the thrill and excitement of communion with Jesus and prevailing in prayer for others (183).

Dr. George Peters said this:

God, the church, and the world are looking for men with burning hearts—hearts filled with the love of God; filled with compassion for the ills of the church and the world; filled with passion for the glory of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the salvation of the lost…God’s answer to a world of indifference, materialism, coldness, and mockery is burning Christian hearts in pulpits, in pews, in Sunday Schools, in Bible Institutes, and in Christian colleges and seminaries.[1]

[1] Quoted in Wesley Duewel, Ablaze for God, 27.

Bishop Berggrav called the revival in Norway in his experience. The flames leaped to places in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The Lutherans called it the greatest movement of the Spirit since the Vikings were evangelized. A movement of prayer and confession flamed in Germany, France, and in other European nations. 

Revival Fire by Wesley Duewel (205)

England experienced scattered revival blessings, but there was not a general revival there. One parish church had an amazing rebirth, and 950 new converts were confirmed. Thirty English bishops endorsed the revival, and the Archbishop of Canterbury called for a nationwide day of prayer. Protestant denominations gained 10 percent in four years. Revival also moved across Scotland and Ireland but to a lesser degree than in Wales.

Revival Fire by Wesley Duewel (205)

The wind of revival of the Holy Spirit carried the revival fire from nation to nation as the wonderful news of the revival in Wales reached prayer groups in many parts of the world. Christians began to believe that the renewal that they had prayed for might will be on its way. Praise God, as the news of His mighty work in wales reached them, Christians and Christian leaders in other places renewed and multiplied their efforts to seek the Lord until He answered. Holy hunger and thirst were deepened. Holy zeal was fanned into flame, and encouragement and expectancy filled many hearts.

Revival Fire by Wesley Duewel (204)

Wesley Duewel writes that revival will not come automatically…

Will revival sweep across our nation again?

Do we need revival today?

Revivals are the sovereign working of God, but they are always related to the obedience of God’s people.

Are you and I willing to prepare the way of the Lord by prayer, fasting, and obedience!

Come Holy Spirit Come!

Revival Fire (17)

God in his sovereignty decides when and where and how long a revival can last. Wesley Duewel explains…

Sometimes God gives revival to a local church or group of people. At times a whole community is blessed and changed by revival. On a few occasions an entire region or even a whole nation has become spiritually awakened and morally transformed by a widespread outpouring of God’s Spirit in revival.

At times revival has lasted only a day or two. yet God has been so powerfully present for that brief time that more spiritual transformation has resulted than from months and years of ordinary Christian life and witness. At other times revival has lasted for months.

May the Lord send us genuine revival!

Revival Fire (16)

Wesley Duewel explains…

What shall we call these special times of blessing? Some like the term spiritual awakening. Others prefer to use the word revival. Sometimes it has been termed spiritual renewal or the outpouring of the Spirit.

Perhaps the briefest and most time-honored term is simply revival.

May the Lord send us genuine revival!

Revival Fire (15)

(Malachi 3:1)

Come suddenly again, O Lord; Your temple waits for You today.
Come in accordance to Your Word; come suddenly e’en while we pray.
O blessed, blessed Holy Ghost; bring the revival we need most.

Most graciously our hearts prepare for Your great work in this our day.
Help each of us to do our share; remove each hind’rance from Your way.
O Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire: descend in all Your holy fire.

We need You more than we can tell; we need You more than we can say.
Our worldliness and sin dispel; come, cleanse and fill us all, we pray.
O Holy Ghost, come on us now as we in need before You bow.

We pray, Lord, light the flame once more of Holy Ghost revival fire.
Come now as in the days of yore; for You we wait with great desire.
Come suddenly upon Your own and make Your presence known.

Come suddenly and do much more than we can do in months and years
We plead Your mercy o’er and o’er; we praise You that revival nears!
Come, Holy Ghost, descend today! Come suddenly on us, we pray.

– Wesley L. Duewel (Found on Page 14 of Revival Fire)

(Written in Moriah Chapel, Loughor, Gorseinon, South Wales, on September 24, 1964. I was kneeling in prayer with John and Henry Penry, converts in the first week of the 1904 revival under Evan Roberts. After hearing their testimonies of how God came then, Henry prayed, “Come suddenly again, O Lord.” I began the poem while he was still praying and while we were on our knees, and finished it after concluding with prayer myself. This is the same Moriah Chapel where the revival broke out. The Welsh sing this poem to the tune “Stella” in many hymnals.)

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