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“My mission is first to the churches.When the churches are aroused to their duty, men of the world will be swept into the Kingdom. A whole church on its knees is irresistible.”~ Evan Roberts

“When prayers and strong pleas for revival are made to God both day and night: when the children of God
find that they can no longer tolerate the absence of revival blessings; when extraordinary seeking of an
extraordinary outpouring becomes extraordinarily earnest; and when the burden of prayer becomes almost
unbearable, then let praying hearts take courage, for the Spirit of God, who is the spirit of revival has
brought his people to this place for a purpose.”

~ Richard Owen Roberts

“Revival is an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.”

~ Richard Owen Roberts, Revival, 16-17.

If we persist in describing human efforts as revival and continue to think in terms of “annual revival meetings,” believing that the good work we are doing for God is revival, then we must content ourselves with far less than God is willing and able to give.

If, on the other hand, we can realize that revival is truly God at work in a most unusual fashion,then our entire being can be stirred with longings and supplications to see just such an outpouring of God’s mighty power in our own day. 

Richard Owen RobertsRevival, 20-21. 

Or do we long for and pray for the extraordinary?

…revival is not the ordinary result of ordinary work. Revival is always extraordinary! 

Richard Owen RobertsRevival18. 

Is revival…

  • Scheduled Meetings? No
  • Mass evangelism? No
  • Emotional extravaganza? No
  • Church Growth? No

Then what is revival? According to Richard Owen Roberts, revival is “an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results” (Richard Owen RobertsRevival16-17).  

July 2020