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“Without our aggressive prayers, our people will stay in bondage and under strongholds. The lost don’t get saved. Communities will stay in Satan’s control. God has called us to be forceful people who lay hold.”

~ Jonathan Graf

Prayer is Visible From the Pulpit…

The church believes in prayer as a change agent and reaffirms it as a solution every Sunday. Preaching in the church will show how prayer is vital attribute of biblical character and shines the way through personal struggles and trials. Writing to Timothy about essential leadership qualities, Paul says, “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone.”

Prayer will be a key, not a suggestion at the end of the sermon. The congregation will appreciate the importance of prayer in everything they do because they’ve heard repeatedly how it has been an integral part of the lives of Jesus, biblical characters, and their pastor.

(My House Shall Be a House of PrayerCompiled and Edited  By Jonathan L. Graf and Lani C. Hinkle, 10-11).

Whether you are an intercessor or a pastor, one of the most important things you can do as you seek to make your church a house of prayer is to develop a prayer shield for pastors and leaders in your church.

(Mell Winger quoted in My House Shall Be a House of Prayer by Jonathan L. Graf and Lani C. Hinkle, 18).

A Church That Prays:

  1. Prays about what it does.
  2. Fits prayer in.
  3. Prays when there are problems.
  4. Announces a special time of prayer-some in the church up.
  5. Asks God to bless what it is doing.
  6. Is frustrated by financial shortfall-backs down from projects.
  7. Is tired, weary, stressed out.
  8. Does things within its means.
  9. Sees it members as its parish.
  10. Is involved in the work of man.


  1. Does things by prayer.
  2. Gives prayer priority.
  3. Prays when there are opportunities.
  4. Announces a special time of prayer-the entire church shows up.
  5. Asks God to enable to do what He is blessing.
  6. Is challenged by financial shortfall-calls for fasting, prayer and faith.
  7. Mounts up with wings like eagles, runs and doesn’t grow weary, walks and does not faint.
  8. Does things beyonds its means.
  9. Sees the world as its parish.
  10. Is involved in the work of God.

(Fred A. Hartley III quoted in My House Shall Be a House of Prayer by Jonathan L. Graf and Lani C. Hinkle, 9).

…keep the lines of communication  open between you and God.

Deal quickly with sin, and continually ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart.

Ask God to increase your hunger to know Him!

If you do these things regularly, Satan cannot gain a foothold in your heart to deceive you

(Jonathan Graf, The Power of Personal Prayer, 80-81).

Too many of us ignore or make light of things in our lives that the Bible calls sin. We live with a temper and call it a character trait. We live with a hidden pornography problem and pass it off as harmless “looking.” We live with bitterness and unforgiveness from broken relationships or past hurts and point the finger of blame at someone else. Yet each is a sin, and if we harbor it, our prayer life is powerless.

(Jonathan Graf, The Power of Personal Prayer, 151-152)

Because to some extent all prayer is warfare, as you develop in your prayer life you will be growing in spiritual warfare as well (95).

Jonathan Graf, The Power of Personal Prayer

Remember that prayer is simply talking to God and listening for his response.  You can talk to him just as you would talk to someone sitting right next to you.  You do not have to use ornate language to talk to him.  You do not even need to worry if your prayer makes sense.  God knows the heart, he knows your thoughts; you do  not need to explain everything clearly for him to understand.  Coming to God is the important thing (32).

Jonathan Graf, The Power of Personal Prayer

We could always blame it on Satan.

But according to Jonathan Graf, in his book, The Power of Personal Prayer…

But we can’t give Satan all the credit for our anemic prayer lives.  Much of our ineffectiveness, our inconsistency, is our own fault (13).

Therefore, let us just pray.  Let us pray for revival in our lives and churches.  Let storm the gates of heaven with our prayers so that God’s kingdom will advance mightily in our homes, churches, cities and nations!

July 2020