Imagine if Paul faced the same persecution we do – or should I say “persecution”. What id he had to deal with the same daily difficulties you and I do? How could he have managed? It would change scripture just a bit. Here’s a sampling. It’s much more applicable.

2 Corinthians 11:24-28 ARSV (American Revised Suburban Version)

Five times I received verbally abusive tweets.

Three times I was handed a latte in a red cup.
Once I was misrepresented on a blog.
Three times I was flicked off for my fish bumper sticker.
I have spent a night and a day
At my daughter’s dance recitals where they played secular music.

On frequent efforts to “be a witness”, I faced
dangers from disinterested people,
dangers from the gay agenda,
dangers from Obama supporters,
dangers from Catholics (and Episcopalians),
dangers in my upper middle class subdivision,
dangers in the carpool lane,
dangers on Facebook,
and dangers among my cubicle mates;

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