A Moment with God

A three year old boy drowned leaving Syria A three year old boy drowned leaving Syria

Dear God!

I cannot look at this dear little boy without tearing up. And I am not alone. I have seen many images, heard many words and read many, many words. But, this ONE image is working in my heart. My wonderful husband, Kit, printed it off and left it on my desk . . . just in case I hadn’t seen it.

Oh Dear God! How is it possible to look and not to weep? To see and then do nothing?

Well, WHAT to do?

A dear friend sent me the link to Rescue.org  and I have given . . . not much . . . but pledged monthly. I guess, God, that I wanted to give specifically to a group focused on helping refugees.

Does it help the hundreds of thousands of refugees? No, not much . . . I will ask Kit to…

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