Aaron Meares

Praying the BibleLast Sunday we gave away free copies of Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney. Our hope is that the advice in this little book would spur all of us on to prayer for our church family, our community, and our world for the glory of God. And what better way to pray than to pray the very Word of God, the Bible? Here is the page to sign up for a 5-day prayer journey guide. This is a 5-day email course on the practice of praying the words of Scripture lead by the author himself. Each day you will receive a short video by email that will show you what it looks like to pray through Psalm 23 and four other biblical passages.

Friends, let’s commit this week to ‪Pray the Bible. ‬

[download the praying-the-bible-psalms-of-the-day-prayer-guide]

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