Tonya LaLonde

When things go better and are starting to look up, BAM!, slapped in the face with greater evils you had before. It never fails. It happens every stinking time. It becomes a struggle to survive, rather than flourish, you have to focus to get a job completed. And the offender, of course, appears to be living large, enjoying life in full. For every pain they poke into your heart, they seem to get $100. Or more. You do everything right. You pray every prayer for the offender, for ourselves, in praise and worship. You read every verse in the Bible on the subject. You read well meaning books that are supposed to help. You ask other people to pray for you and your situation. You do everything right. And BAM!, slammed down again. Why? Is God not caring about your particular hardships? Well, no, because we are promised in His…

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