We are celebrating the Lord’s Supper tomorrow at Harvey Oaks Baptist Church

Ron's Reflections

Typically we do not prepare ourselves to partake in the Lord’s Supper as thoroughly as we should.  We take a minute or two and ask God to “Forgive us of our sin,” but as a rule we don’t “examine ourselves” in the manner intended by Paul in 1 Cor 11:28 .

This has recently bothered me because as a Shepherd of God’s People I am called to lead His people to proper introspection prior to the Lord’s Supper.  I am called to help God’s people come before the table in a manner that is worthy, and that is the reason I wrote this study.

This is of great importance because Paul wrote that when Christians judge themselves rightly, they aren’t judged by God.  He also wrote that those who hadn’t judged themselves rightly before partaking the elements were… “weak, sick, and some had fallen asleep (Died).”  Thus the…

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