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Obama Calls Jason Collins, ‘Impressed By His Courage’ In Coming Out

Posted: 04/29/2013

Obama Jason Collins

President Obama called NBA player Jason Collins, after the athlete publicly came out as gay. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama called Jason Collins on Monday to express his gratitude after the NBA playerpublicly announced that he is gay, two sources familiar with the call told The Huffington Post.

A White House official confirmed the call, saying that the president wanted to “express his support” and tell Collins that “he was impressed by his courage.”

The conversation took place several hours after Sports Illustrated published an essay by Collins in which he came out and explained why he had waited until now to make the announcement.

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Let us continue to pray for the church, our nation and our President.

Obama Asks God to Bless Planned Parenthood; Blasts Opponents

  • Obama
    (Photo: Screengrab/
    President Barack Obama speaking at the Planned Parenthood conference on Friday in Washington, D.C., saying proposed legislative actions that place limits on abortion represent an effort to “turn back the clock.” He also criticized state legislatures that have enacted stricter laws on abortion. Obama is the first sitting president to address the organization. April 26, 2013.
by  Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor
April 28, 2013|11:24 am

President Barack Obama has praised Planned Parenthood while lambasting its pro-life critics at the pro-choice group’s national conference in Washington D.C., ending his prepared remarks with seeking God’s blessing upon the organization.

“For nearly a century now, one core principle has guided everything all of you do — that women should be allowed to make their own decisions about their own health,” Obama said at the Planned Parenthood Conference at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel on Friday. After applause, the president added, “It’s a simple principle.”

Obama said he was grateful for the services provided by the group, which, critics say, is the number one abortion business in the United States, performing almost 335,000 abortions annually.

“I want to thank all of you for the remarkable work that you’re doing day in, day out in providing qualityhealth care to women all across America,” the president said. “You are somebody that women — young women, old women, women in between — count on for so many important services. And we are truly grateful to you.”

Obama also highlighted that Planned Parenthood saves lives despite critics blasting the organization for killing thousands of unborn babies every year through its abortion services.

Obama said, “Somewhere there’s a woman who just received a new lease on life because of a screening that you provided that helped catch her cancer in time. Somewhere there’s a woman who’s breathing easier today because of the support and counseling she got at her local Planned Parenthood health clinic. Somewhere there’s a young woman starting a career who, because of you, is able to decide for herself when she wants to start a family.”

The president also strongly attacked critics of the organization.

“So when politicians try to turn Planned Parenthood into a punching bag, they’re not just talking about you; they’re talking about the millions of women who you serve. And when they talk about cutting off your funding, let’s be clear: They’re talking about telling many of those women, you’re on your own,” Obama said. “They’re talking about shutting those women out at a time when they may need it most — shutting off communities that need more health care options for women, not less.”

The fact is, Obama went on to claim, that “after decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. And they’ve been involved in an orchestrated and historic effort to roll back basic rights when it comes to women’s health.”

The president mentioned that 42 states have introduced laws “that would ban or severely limit access to a woman’s right to choose — laws that would make it harder for women to get the contraceptive care that they need; laws that would cut off access to cancer screenings and end educational programs that help prevent teen pregnancy…” He called the legislation “absurd.” “It’s wrong. It’s an assault on women’s rights… When you read about some of these laws, you want to check the calendar; you want to make sure you’re still living in 2013.”

Obama made no mention of the late-term abortion provider in Pa., Kermit Gosnell, who ran two abortion practices in Philadelphia, and is accused of killing seven babies who were born alive and one patient who died from an overdose of Demerol that was administered by the clinic’s unlicensed staff.

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The Church’s authority comes from the ascended Christ. The Church’s ministry comes from the ascended Christ. Therefore, the church’s activity  ought to be praying to the ascended Christ, worshiping Him, asking Him to release His power in us so that by His authority we might be involved in his ministry.  

Warren W. WiersbeSomething Happens When Churches Pray15.

Andrew Murray

Real prayer is life changing!

~ Andrew Murray

We Hate to Say We Told You So”’

Same-Sex Marriage & Polygamy

By: John Stonestreet|Published: April 25, 2013
Claims that legalizing same-sex “marriage” is a slippery slope to polygamy have been met with scoffs. We really hate to say “we told you so…” Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

John Stonestreet

In a scene from Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm, the mathematician skeptical about whether the park is a good idea, watches the T-Rex burst out of its enclosure and says, “I hate being right all the time.”

Princeton Professor Robert George and other defenders of traditional marriage understand these sentiments. For years, they’ve warned that redefining marriage beyond the union of one man and one woman wouldn’t—indeed couldn’t—stop with same-sex unions. The same reasoning that extends marriage to same-sex couples would easily be applied to polygamy and polyamory also.

The standard response to these concerns was scoffing and accusations of fear mongering.

Well, the fences are down and the beast is loose.

On Valentines’s Day, the Scientific American published an article claiming that polyamorists could “teach us a thing or two about love,” and the only reason to oppose it was bigotry because of outdated views about love and sexuality. As I said on my Point commentary about the article, the flow of the argument sounded far too familiar.

And now, as if on cue, Slate magazine published an article on April 15 by Jillian Keenan arguing that polygamy should be legalized. As Keenan notes, the arguments about gay marriage being a “slippery slope” that will lead to legalized polygamy is something “we’ve been hearing about for years.” To which she adds, “We can only hope.”

She continues: “While the Supreme Court and the rest of us are all focused on the human right of marriage equality, let’s not forget that the fight doesn’t end with same-sex marriage. We need to legalize polygamy, too. Legalized polygamy in the United States is the constitutional, feminist, and sex-positive choice.”Daily_Commentary_4_25_13

Keenan adds that legalizing polygamy would help to “protect, empower, and strengthen women, children, and families.” How? By ending the “isolation” where “crime and abuse can flourish unimpeded.” That is, if polygamy is legal, she says, victims of abuse would be more likely to report abuses to the authorities.

Finally, she argues that respect for religious freedom requires legalizing polygamy. It isn’t only fundamentalist Mormons she’s concerned about: she cites “academics” who “suggest” that there may be between 50 and 100,000 Muslims in the U.S. who practice polygamy.

What’s most significant here isn’t the quality of Keenan’s arguments. The quality is poor. The treatment of women in countries where polygamy is legal makes her optimism about the impact of legalizing it seem dangerously naive. And her appeal to religious freedom is—shall we say—selective. There are plenty of law-abiding Americans whose religious freedom is under genuine threat who could benefit from this kind of solicitude.

No, the most significant thing about Keenan’s argument is not, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, that it’s made well, but that it’s made openly.

As Dr. George pointed out in “First Things,” when Christians pointed out the logical link between same-sex marriage and polygamy, proponents of same-sex marriage rejected the connection. They insisted that “no one is arguing for the legal recognition of polygamous or polyamorous relationships as marriages!”

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I am not minimizing the importance of individual prayer. I am emphasizing the power of prayer. The first church meeting referred to in the Book of the Acts was a prayer meeting. I think we have reversed this.  I think our priorities have gotten confused…God does so many wonderful things when the church meets together to pray.

Warren W. WiersbeSomething Happens When Churches Pray14-15.


“Leaving the first kind of fiery darts — enticing and alluring temptations — we now proceed to the second kind, those that fill the Christian with fear.  It is only the power of faith that can quench these fiery darts.

This is Satan’s weapon held in reserve.  When alluring temptations fail, he opens his quiver and shoots these arrows to set the soul on fire, if not with sin then with terror.  When he cannot carry a soul laughing to hell through the deception of pleasurable temptations, he will try to make him go mourning to heaven by this amazing attack.  It is a sure sign that Satan is losing.

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“God’s time for revival is the very darkest hour, when everything seems hopeless. It is always the Lord’s way to go to the very worst cases to manifest His glory.”

~ Andrew Gih


It is so sad when a local church ministry is built on a man instead of on prayer and the Word of God.

Warren W. WiersbeSomething Happens When Churches Pray9.

Lois and I are enjoying the weekend in Nebraska City at the Lied Lodge for the Heartland Converge District Pastor’s Renewal Retreat.  This morning, the retreat speaker quoted the evangelist Billy Sunday.

Billy Sunday

Right before Sunday passed away, he said: “I saved the world, but sent my kids to hell!”

I tried to find that quote today but was unable. Can anyone verify that quote?

If Billy Sunday actually said it, then what did he mean?

That his busy ministry ruined his relationship with his children?


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