Dave Butts has written a chapter in the short book, My House Shall Be a House of PrayerThe name of the chapter is, Prayerless Leaders = Prayerless Church. Butts began by describing the Brooklyn Tabernacle, the church built around prayer, pastored by Jim Cymbala:

Recently, when I I visited the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Tuesday night prayer meeting (with more than 2,000 in attendance), it impressed me that the first three rows in the sanctuary were roped off. These rows were reserved for the leaders of the church. They were expected to be there–down front–and visible to the rest of the congregation. That was their place as leaders of prayer for the church

Brooklyn Tabernacle understands that godly leaders need to step out by faith in the direction that God lays out before then, and the people of God will follow–especially in the area of prayer. The local church will not become a house of prayer until its leaders become people of prayer. When prayer has its proper place in the life of the church leaders, it will move to a place of centrality in the rest of the church  (My House Shall Be a House of Prayercomplied and Edited by Jonathan L Graf and Lani C, Hinkle, 32).