What a day! I did nearly finish a sermon for Sunday. I am preaching on the fact that the story of Christmas is found in the Old Testament Book of Ruth. I am looking forward in proclaiming the Word of God on Sunday. I love Sunday mornings being with God’s people.

I had a good workout at 24 Hour Fitness this afternoon. It was leg day! I love and hate leg day. I hate it because it is so hard but I love it because it is so beneficial. So it was squats and lunges! Then I hit the treadmill for intervals…30 seconds sprint/30 seconds rest for 30 minutes. Brutal but good for burning calories. As long as my 53 year-old body can take it, I will continue to push it hard in the gym.

I needed that workout.

More importantly I needed to pray…

Earlier in the day I received a phone call at church. The conversation lasted nearly an hour. The person (not a member of my church) who called me described the bad marriage he/she was involved in. As I listened, I was reminded that sin is so deceptive and so damaging. I cannot give the details of the phone call, but believe me it would make you scream with disgust if you heard what I heard today. I still am struggling with some of the things that are roaming in my mind.

Lord Jesus Come!

He has come! He came nearly 2000 years ago!

The first Sunday of Advent is this Sunday.

Jesus Christ is the only hope for a broken world and for broken lives.

Let focus all our attention on Jesus this Christmas season.