October 2012


These Are Days to Pray for Our Nation!

By Carol Madison 

Prayer First team member

There is a growing cry for desperate, yet hopeful, prayer for our nation. As we draw closer to the elections, many prayer ministries, denominations, and churches are calling for 40 days of prayer and fasting. As one prayer leader put it, every believer has a responsibility before God to do something.

Last week I attended “The Summons” in Washington, D.C., with the focus of praying through our nation’s Capitol. Prayer First was gracious enough to send me as a representative of Converge. I was grateful to be a part of an “army” of 300 people, representing every state.

Our prayers were not about who might be elected as our next president on November 6. Rather, it was a recognition that our greatest hope is in seeking God with humility and repentance for another Great Awakening in our nation. Exalting Jesus Christ is our only hope! I don’t remember one person praying specifically for a certain candidate over another. But we definitely prayed for God’s forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

God Is Not Done with Us

Some people might believe that God has given up on this nation, but I don’t believe that’s true. I believe He is calling more and more of His people to pray with hope and humility because He wants to pour out another great revival and spiritual awakening in our nation. The week in D.C. strengthened that belief in my heart.

Here’s a quote from Dave Butts, chairman of the National Prayer Committee: “We are in the midst of the most massive movement of prayer ever in the U.S. It’s happening now – and it’s accelerating.” I am seeing more and more evidence of this – and it encourages me.

National Day of Prayer leaders (and sponsors of the gathering) were expecting between 500 to 1,000 people to show up. But as leaders watched the numbers go up and down over the last few weeks, the total ended up being exactly 300. We couldn’t help but think of how God had Gideon pare his army down to just 300 so that it was clearly God who gave the victory! It made me realize that each one of us truly was called of God to be there and take our places in this assignment. We all have assignments from the Lord in prayer.

One man who joined us actually had no idea about this gathering until three days prior. But a couple of months ago, he believed God was calling him to walk to D.C. to pray for President Obama. So he literally just started walking, knowing no one along the way. People and churches were so kind to him by providing places to stay. Seven hundred miles and a few weeks later, he arrived in D.C. and joined us. He was overwhelmed to find out that he had 299 friends to welcome him! He spoke to us about being so concerned for our nation that we are willing to make great sacrifices to pray.

Praying Throughout Congressional Offices

On the first day there, I got to pray with the staffs of Al Franken, Michele Bachmann, and Erik Paulson of Minnesota. I also filled in and prayed for a Texas representative. The Congress people themselves were on recess, but we had appointments to pray in their offices and over their staffs – perhaps a few hundred. Most were very welcoming. I think they were blown away when we simply prayed for them and blessed them and gave them a gift. We heard story after story of the great favor that people experienced as we saturated the offices of Congress with prayer. Shirley Dobson commented that she’s pretty sure there has never been such a comprehensive prayer strategy with so many offices covered. You might be surprised to know that there are 105 Congressional members who pray weekly – across political lines – for our nation.

The next morning, we prayed and worshiped at the Washington Monument for two hours. We also prayed on Capitol Hill, at the Upper Senate Park. All 300 of us were then dispersed to prayer walk the WW II, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lincoln memorials, as well as in front of the White House. As many miles as our feet and time would allow – we prayed everywhere we could.

24/7 Worship Near White House

In addition, we spent time worshiping at “David’s Tent,” which is a large tent that has been pitched on the Ellipse – technically the White House property (but obviously outside the gates). This tent will be there for the 40 days prior to the elections with 24/7 worship. There is a stage set up at one end with speakers that broadcast out as far as the Washington Monument. That means that for 40 days, night and day, there is continuous worship being offered to God – and I suspect you might be able to hear it on the White House lawn.

As I was prayer walking around the Washington Monument, I was able to sing along with some of the songs I was hearing from David’s Tent. If I could hear the worship, so could the hundreds of tourists around me. This is an unprecedented gathering that has never happened before in our nation’s Capitol. I am amazed that they could get a permit for continuous (and loud) worship – another indicator that God is pouring out His favor to those who are willing to sacrificially pray.

All of us need to do something. There are plenty of ways to still get involved in praying with greater fervency for our nation before the elections. One website that offers a variety of resources and links is www.40daysofprayer.net.

Be encouraged. God is not done with us as a nation – not by a long shot!


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