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10 Insane But True Facts About Porn

In Tim Chester’s  book, Captured By a Better Vision: Living Pom-Free, he describes the spread of pornography as an epidemic. Here are some statistics that back up his claim …

  • Every second, 28,258 Internet users are viewing pomography and $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography
  • The pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink
  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites, which is 12% of all the websites on the internet
  • Every day there are 68 million (25% of the total) search engine requests for pornographic terms
  • 42.7% of internet users view pom
  • The average age of first exposure to pornography is 11 years old and 80% of 15-17 year olds have had multiple hard-core exposure
  • The 35-49 age group is the largest consumer of internet pornography
  • 47% of Christians say that pornography is a major problem in the home
  • 17% of women struggle with pornography addiction and 70% of women keep their cyber activities secret
  • The USA produces 89% of all pornographic web pages (Germany are the next biggest producer, producing 4% of all pomographic web pages)

The fact that pornography is an enormous problem probably comes at no surprise to you. But this isn’t just a problem that is merely out there, outside of the church – it’s prevalent inside the church as well. Christians struggle! Pastors struggle!

Therefore it’s a surprise to how relatively silent the church is about this issue.  Perhaps we’ve developed a “don’t ask…don’t tell” mindset, I won’t challenge and ask you about this issue, just as long as you won’t ask me.

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