Developing a Revival Burden in Others

Author: Bill Elliff Date: July 30, 2012

There is a simple equation in ministry:

no real burden = no real ministry

People can operate for a season out of sheer determination and duty, but the shelf life is short on passionless service.

If you are burdened for the cause of revival and awakening, how do you lead others there?

Be personally faithful in revival prayer.

Leading is not about pointing the way, but about going there first. If you want those you lead to have this particular burden, it must be growing in you.

Nothing creates a proper perspective and deepened passion like time spent in God’s presence. To lead others there, you must not only go there occasionally, you must live there.

I was convicted recently of my inconsistency in private, daily prayer for revival. A simple request has wonderfully begun to change that deficiency:

“Lord, forgive me for my prayerlessness. If You will remind me in the first hours of the day to pray for revival, I will (by Your grace) instantly respond in prayer.” Wonderfully, not a day has passed that God has not been faithful to answer this request.

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