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What Would Change?

Author: OneCry Participant Date: Aug. 29, 2012

What would revival change about your life?

A OneCry participant shares how God changed her life a few months ago:

My husband and I were burdened to gather Christians together to pray for spiritual awakening. After we learned about OneCry, we spent three months sharing this vision. We had no idea how much God was going to do in US during that time!

He revived our marriage. We felt like we were on a second honeymoon—only this one was better than the first!

Our desire to pray increased, and we found new enjoyment in prayer. We began to see more answers to specific prayers, which amazed us.

This increased my faith. I am praying with more belief that God is going to work in revival in our church, community, friends, and family. I have never, ever had this kind of faith before.

I’ve begun to worship more and more. Previously, during worship times at church, I remember thinking, “I don’t really believe or practice what I’m singing about. I feel like a hypocrite.” Now I am so excited to worship God and praise Jesus for what He has done and will do. His gospel is sweet!

I’ve experienced an increased desire to serve. I had been coming to dread doing anything in the church; and when I did, it was totally out of duty, not out of a desire to serve Christ or out of thankfulness.

Another huge change has been my desire to give monetarily. I used to be a tightwad, but the Lord has set me free from that!

I now have an increased desire to tell others about Jesus and the gospel.

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We have been doing this once a month now for several years. The Good News? Four prodigals have come back home to their Heavenly Father!

“It is with a reflection of this joy that we approach the return of those who are lost, those who have left their Father and are wandering alone. Forgiveness and the joy of reconciliation wait for them to return. We have to be ready to receive and welcome these wanderers as they make approaches to turn to the Father.” (

Our wedding ceremony took place at Salem Baptist Church in New Brighton, MN on August 28, 1982.

Prayer is talking with God. God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude of your heart.

Josh McDowell

Prayer Points:

1. That the strongholds within your country to be broken so that a new wave of revival may be released.

2. God will enable a prayer force to be mobilized to reach other unreached parts of your nation.

3.Pray that all Christians will be awakened into evangelization both locally and internationally.

4. Pray for the mobilization of Pastors, leaders, believers and intercessors in your country to awaken in prayers.

5. Pray that God will release a spirit of conviction and repentance upon your nation that millions of souls may get saved.

6. Pray for God to provide all the finances, favor and grace for all the resources thatare needed for evangelism.

7. Pray for divine protection of your Christian leaders, that God will grant them protection, wisdom and favour.

8. Pray that God will give prophetic direction for the Nation.

9. Pray for Peace, godly leadership and godly counsel to the Government.

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“Becoming like Christ is a long, slow process of growth.” (Rick Warren)

It will involve a consistent prayer life.

Join Me in Praying for Our Country

August 17th, 2012 

I have been asked to be the honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer for 2013.
Shirley Dobson, who has done such a wonderful job of overseeing this significant ministry to our country, called me and asked if I would take on this role and of course I agreed.
I am truly honored to serve in this capacity following in the footsteps of others who have done this in the past, including
Billy and Franklin Graham, David Jeremiah, and many others.
To find out more about the National Day of Prayer, go to

Whether you are an intercessor or a pastor, one of the most important things you can do as you seek to make your church a house of prayer is to develop a prayer shield for pastors and leaders in your church.

(Mell Winger quoted in My House Shall Be a House of Prayer by Jonathan L. Graf and Lani C. Hinkle, 18).

A Church That Prays:

  1. Prays about what it does.
  2. Fits prayer in.
  3. Prays when there are problems.
  4. Announces a special time of prayer-some in the church up.
  5. Asks God to bless what it is doing.
  6. Is frustrated by financial shortfall-backs down from projects.
  7. Is tired, weary, stressed out.
  8. Does things within its means.
  9. Sees it members as its parish.
  10. Is involved in the work of man.


  1. Does things by prayer.
  2. Gives prayer priority.
  3. Prays when there are opportunities.
  4. Announces a special time of prayer-the entire church shows up.
  5. Asks God to enable to do what He is blessing.
  6. Is challenged by financial shortfall-calls for fasting, prayer and faith.
  7. Mounts up with wings like eagles, runs and doesn’t grow weary, walks and does not faint.
  8. Does things beyonds its means.
  9. Sees the world as its parish.
  10. Is involved in the work of God.

(Fred A. Hartley III quoted in My House Shall Be a House of Prayer by Jonathan L. Graf and Lani C. Hinkle, 9).

“We can sit at the feet of the Lord Jesus and ask Him to instruct us, to teach us what He is like and how to live in a way that pleases Him.”

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

August 2012