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By T.M. Moore|Published Date: January 28, 2012


“On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, that they began speaking in tongues and prophesying.”
Acts 17:5-6

Ministers of Scotland: Lectures on Revival III
The Rev. Alexander Moody Stuart, A. M., Minister of St. Luke’s Parish, Edinburgh

“…while the Holy Ghost is always present in his church, there are times when he draws manifestly nearer and puts forth a greater energy of power. Every believer is conscious in his own soul of changes corresponding to this; for the Spirit is always with him, abiding in him, and yet there are times of unusual communion and far more than ordinary life. And as the Spirit draws near to an individual, so does he draw near to a land, and then religion is revived, spiritual life is revived, spiritual understanding, spiritual worship, spiritual repentance, spiritual obedience. At such a time the Holy Ghost is peculiarly present with his people and powerfully striving with sinners.”

Would you say that this describes the state of the Church, and of our nation at present? Would you think that most Christians would like this to be the state of things? Only the Spirit of God can bring about this kind of revival, renewal, and awakening. But we must seek His presence and power. We must cry out for Him to do what only He can do. We must unite our voices in extraordinary seasons of prayer and pleading, waiting on the Spirit to come nearer and to bless us as only He can. If we will not seek Him thus, we will not know the full power of what He is able to do.

Can you think of three ways your congregation might become more involved in seeking the Spirit for greater nearness and power? Now what can you do to implement these means?


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