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Why I admire Tim Tebow and my dad, win or lose!

I must admit that I am not a Denver Bronco’s fan. It’s simply not possible since the maternal side of my genetic code comes from San Diego. I live in Phoenix these days but I can’t escape my pedigree and admitting to being a Bronco’s fan when you were born in America’s finest city would be a little like admitting you are rooting for Al Queda.

At least, that’s what San Diego Charger’s fans think.

Fortunately the other half of my genetic code comes from British Columbia, Canada so I can admit to being a Tim Tebow fan. I mean, you just gotta love this guy even though he is wearing the wrong jersey.

There’s a sentiment out there today that Christian men are somehow not “real” men. It’s as if we are expected to be wimp-level hypocrites that cry over sunshine and spilled milkshakes. We are never supposed to be aggressive, or love the sting of battle and we’re certainly never allowed to break wind – at least in public.

But growing up, I learned from my dad that a man could be a Christian and be just as tough as any other logger in the business. My dad didn’t stand for sniveling. He taught me that being as tough as a leather boot was what God expected from a man, but God didn’t approve of meanness either. He taught me to help the guy who’s down, even if he’s an enemy. But most of all he taught me to honor God and give everything I had to what I was doing because you only get one shot at making any kind of difference in this world. “So make it count, son”.

That’s why I admire Tebow. He’s a Christian. And he’s a man. It didn’t matter when his team was down 15 points in the 4th quarter with three minutes to go and no NFL team had ever come back from that kind of a deficit. It didn’t matter because Tebow knew what it meant to throw himself headlong into the cause. Two touchdowns, a two point conversion in under three minutes later and the Broncos took Miami into overtime to win it all.

So, win or lose this next weekend, Tebow still knows what it means to honor God and give everything he has to what he’s doing.

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The Steelers and Broncos play this Sunday!

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