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What if a crisp October wind blew through “the way we’ve always done things” at Halloween? What if the Spirit stirred in us a new perspective on October 31? What if dads led their households in a fresh approach to Halloween as Christians on mission?

What if spreading a passion for God’s supremacy in all things included Halloween—that amalgamation of wickedness now the second-largest commercial holiday in the West?

Loving Others and Extending Grace

What if we didn’t think of ourselves as “in the world, but not of it,” but rather, as Jesus says in John 17, “not of the world, but sent into it”?

And what if that led us to move beyond our squabbles about whether or not we’re free to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, and the main issue became whether our enjoyment of Jesus and his victory over Satan and the powers of darkness might incline us to think less about our private enjoyments and more about how we might love others? What if we took Halloween captive—along with “every thought” (2 Corinthians 10:5)—as an opportunity for gospel advance and bringing true joy to the unbelieving?

And what if those of us taking this fresh approach to Halloween recognized that Christians hold a variety of views about Halloween, and we gave grace to those who see the day differently than we do?

Without Naiveté or Retreat

What if we didn’t merely go with the societal flow and unwittingly float with the cultural tide into and out of yet another Halloween? What if we didn’t observe the day with the same naïveté as our unbelieving neighbors and coworkers?

And what if we didn’t overreact to such nonchalance by simply withdrawing? What if Halloween wasn’t a night when Christians retreated in disapproval, but an occasion for storming the gates of hell?

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He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and a happy life.

~William Law

Omaha Metro Prayer for October 28, 2011

Planned Parenthood has opened a clinic at 93rd and Maple where surgical abortions are being performed. Planned Parenthood provides more abortions than any other organization in the United States, about one of every four abortions. For every adoption referral Planned Parenthood makes, it performs 340 abortions. Recent exposés of Planned Parenthood clinics in several states have revealed that the organization suffers significant structural problems and a disregard for women’s human and civil rights, as well as for laws protecting minor girls. Pray against this assault against the unborn and women. Also pray that the fear of the Lord would descend over that place.

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:3, 4

“Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are helpless against our prayers.”

~Sidlow Baxter


Fred Blocher / Kansas City Star / MCT

The International House of Prayer in South Kansas City, Mo. buzzes at all hours with worshippers.

Fred Blocher / Kansas City Star /

Appropriately called the International House of Prayer, this center of worship never closes. And they’ve been serving up an endless helping of hope and prayer for more than a decade
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If one Jacob can prevail over the angel, then what could several Jacobs accomplish?

(Quotes To Motivate To Prayer. Or Prayer Provoking Prayer Quotes By: Robert Hill)

Mormons are Christians, says Joel Osteen

Fred Jackson – OneNewsNow – 10/25/2011 10:05:00 AM

Texas mega-church pastor Joel Osteen says he believes Mormons are Christians.

The statement came yesterday in Washington in response to a reporter’s questions about politics. Osteen said he likes Texas Governor Rick Perry and prays for his candidacy in the GOP presidential candidate race. But Osteen said he also disagreed with a fellow Texas pastor — Robert Jeffress — who recently stated that Perry’s political opponent, Mitt Romney, was “not a Christian” because he is a Mormon, and that Mormonism is a “cult.”

In a video posted by The Washington Times (above), Osteen states that while he did not know whether Mormonism is the “purest form of Christianity,” he has heard Romney say that Jesus is the Son of God and is his Savior — and that is one of the “core issues,” the pastor concludes.

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Monday, October 17th, 2011

by Timothy C. Tennent

Christianity Today reported a few years ago that eighty-five percent of the members of Yale University’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter are Asian, whereas “the university’s Buddhist meditation meetings are almost exclusively attended by whites.”1  There is an important lesson in this. It is often stated that Christianity in the Western world is in decline. It is true that, on average, every day there are approximately 7,000 fewer Christians in the West. Statistically, it has been as high as 11,000 fewer per day. However, this is only part of the story. While we are witnessing the dramatic decline in Christianity among Caucasians, the Western world is, at the same time, witnessing the dramatic growth of newly emerging ethnic congregations. The Chinese, Hispanic, African and Korean congregations, in particular, are experiencing unprecedented growth.

This weekend, for example, I had the privilege of speaking at the Rutgers Christian Community Church. It was planted only thirty years ago by a handful of Chinese students from Rutgers University. Today, it is a thriving Christian community with several thousand members. They have English, Mandarin, and Cantonese congregations and are in the middle of a major building program to build a new sanctuary.

Prior to my coming to Asbury I lived in the Boston area. Boston is the home of a major spiritual awakening. More people have come to Christ in Boston in the last three decades than during the Great Awakening, but it has largely gone unnoticed, because it is occurring primarily among African, Chinese, Korean, and Hispanic peoples. There are over 50 different African congregations in Boston and, indeed, on any given Sunday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, more people worship Christ in a language other than English than in English. It has been called the “quiet revival.

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A natural heart is offended every day at the preaching of the Cross… The preaching of another’s righteousness–that you must have it or perish–many, I have no doubt, are often enraged at this in their hearts. Many, I doubt not, have left this church on account of it, and many more, I doubt not, will follow. All the offence of the Cross is not ceased. But a broken heart cannot be offended. Ministers cannot speak too plainly for a broken heart. A broken heart would sit for ever to hear of the righteousness without works.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843), Memoir and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne

“Revival is waiting for us on the streets. It is hiding from us in nursing homes and prisons. It is calling to us from foreign fields and obscure places. Crying, yearning for even one person that will rise from the confines of normality and pursue it. One person that will approach the throne of grace with boldness and expect a miracle. That will stand on a street corner and wait for its shadow to pass by. Knowing that at any minute the wind that blows where it listeth may touch down in that very spot. Exploding, expanding everything that it touches. Revival is a fire. And souls are its kindling.”   

~Chad Taylor

Our lives must be as holy as our prayers.

~Andrew Murray

October 2011