Lord, help Your poor children to be holy. Oh keep us so if we are so. Keep us even from stumbling, and present us faultless before Your presence at last (Jude 24). We pray for friends who are ill, for many who are troubled because of the illness of others. We bring before You every case of trouble and trial known to us and ask for Your gracious intervention. We pray for Your ministers everywhere. For Your missionary servants, we ask You to remember those who are making great sacrifice out in the hot sun or in the cold and frozen North. Everywhere preserve those who for Christ’s sake carry their lives in their hands.

Our brothers and sisters, in poverty many of them, working for Christ, Lord accept them and help us to help them. Do remember the Sunday school teachers, the city missionaries, along with those who visit and hand out tracts door-to-door, and all who in any way endeavor to bring Christ to the notice of men. Oh, help them all.

We will offer but one more prayer, and it is this. Lord, look in pity on any who are not in Christ. May they be converted. May they pass from death to life and never forget it. May they see the eternal light for the first time, and may they remember it even in eternity. Father, help us. Bless us now for Jesus’ sake.