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Oh, that as Christians we might be humble! Lord, take away that stiff-necked, proud look. Take away from us the spirit of “stand away, for I holier than thou.” Make us to reach out to men of low social standing, yes, and even to men of low morals, low character. May we seek them out, seek their good. Oh, give to the church  of Christ an intense love for the souls of men. May it make our hearts break to think that they will perish in their sin. May we grieve every day because of the sins of our cities. Put a mark on our foreheads, and let us be known to You as men who sigh and cry for all the abominations that are done in the midst of our cities (Ezekiel 9:4).

O God. save us from a hard heart, an unkind spirit, that is insensible to the woes of others. Lord, preserve Your people also from worldliness, from rioting, from drunkenness, from clamoring and lewdness, from strife and envy, from everything that would dishonor the name of Christ that we bear. Lord, make us holy.

Our prayer comes back to this: make us holy. Cleanse the inside and let the outside be clean, too. Make us holy, O God. Do this for Christ’s sake. It is not that we hope to be saved by our own holiness, but holiness is salvation. When we are holy, we are saved from sin.



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