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Duncan Campell was a Scottish preacher who played a key role in that took place in the Scottish Hebrides, sometimes also referred to as the Lewis Awakening. He began walking witih God through the work of “pilgrims” of the Faith Mission in 1913. He later served as a pastor in other churches, but eventually returned to the Faith Mission 1949, working in Skye. Eventually Cambpell accepted a call to come to the Hebrides Islands, a call prompted by the prayers of two gaelic-speaking sisters in their 80’s who had been praying for revival.

Almost immediately upon arriving, God began working in a special way, and scores of people experienced spiritual renewal. As a result of his personal experience with these revival experiences, he began to speak much on the subject of revival. In later life he led a training school for the Faith Mission in Edinburgh. He was known as a  man of much prayer. Duncan Campbell was outspoken on two aspects of the Holy Spirit during his ministry that caused many to come and hear him, and drove others away.

The first aspect being that a true revival was a move of God that affected not only church members but the surrounding community in a way that was visible to all parties concerned (work stopping, bars closing, crime ceasing, etc). The second aspect of God he preached on was the definite experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost subsequent to conversion, that was often seen to transform a pastor’s efforts from meager to community-changing.  His sermons offer much food for thought!

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