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By Iain Murray|Published Date: December 22, 2010


Winston Churchill once wrote to his schoolboy grandson, urging him to be a student of history because history provides the best means for making intelligent guesses about the future. However, by reading Scripture Christians can do more than guess the nature of a future awakening. We know it will be in accord with all that we are told about the character and work of God. This is not to say that revivals are identical, yet certain main features are always present and it is not speculation to believe that these will be present again in future awakenings.

Revival Changes Worship
Within the last forty years, scarcely anything has been changed so much as modes of worship. The form of worship in many evangelical churches has become almost unrecognizably different from what it was before. But the question is whether amidst this transformation the big thing has been addressed, namely, that worship-as the word itself should remind us-has to do with the “worth-ship” of God.

Fine externals and music may be present where there is no real admiration of God, no giving to him the glory due to his name. The assumption has been that our inherited forms of worship are largely responsible for dull services which in turn have impoverished the churches. But our great contemporary need has to do with something far more fundamental than the outward form of worship. If a sense of the greatness and majesty of God is not present in a congregation, then nothing else can produce awe and wonder

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