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Series: The Power of Praying People
Dr. Woodrow Kroll
May 6, 2010

Woodrow Kroll: Habakkuk prayed for his nation’s revival.

Tami Weissert: And we can do the same.

Woodrow Kroll: Find out why that’s important in today’s study. Hi, I’m Woodrow Kroll.

Tami Weissert: I’m Tami Weissert.

Woodrow Kroll: And this is Back to the Bible.

Tami Weissert: Well, welcome everyone! Today we’re talking about Habakkuk’s prayer for revival. But first, Wood, tell us a little bit about Habakkuk. We probably know that he is a minor prophet but, other than that, we don’t know much about him. So who was he? What was he dealing with in Israel at this time?

Woodrow Kroll: Habakkuk was the author of the eighth book of the Minor Prophets and, Tami, we don’t really know much more about him other than what’s mentioned right here in this book. Habakkuk lived during the reigns of the Judean kings Josiah and Jehoiakim. His prophetic activity took place between 612 and 589 B.C. But that’s really all we can say with certainty.

Tami Weissert: All right. When we get into Habakkuk, we’ll see some very threatening circumstances preceding his prayers for revival.

Woodrow Kroll: And yes, today, well . . . hey, there’s not a nation on this earth without it’s share of storm clouds right there on the horizon. And I think that’s why as Christians, each one of us is called to pray for our own country’s revival. Habakkuk prayed for Judah. We have to pray for Canada or India or Jamaica or the U.S.A. or Trinidad or wherever we live.

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