The Next Spiritual Awakening

by Carol Madison
Director of Communications (Prayer First)

If you pray with your Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, then you are growing increasingly aware of how desperately we need another spiritual awakening in our nation.

Historically, this nation has experienced some powerful spiritual awakenings that have dramatically changed the spiritual climate of society. However, we are perhaps 150 years overdue for another nationwide, saturating awakening of the Church – leading to the salvation of the lost.

But there are hopeful signs! Before every great spiritual awakening in history, there were common indicators that we are beginning to see emerge once again.

One of the first signs is an increase in the use of revival and spiritual awakening language. In the past few years, great movements of prayer have been rising up, including alliances of Christian ministries devoted to prayer for revival. It was nearly 20 years ago that I first began exploring the historical roots of revival in our nation. Now the call for prayer for revival is becoming common place.

Another sign is an increase in the fervency of prayer among a “remnant.” These are the pastors and intercessors who have prayed faithfully and sought God for a greater move of His power in our midst. More and more prayer warriors are joining the ranks of those praying fervently for revival. This is one of the most encouraging and hopeful signs, as almost all revivals have started with less than 12 people praying. God loves to work through a remnant – but His remnant is growing!

As we close in on a desperately needed move of God in our nation, there are two more indicators that will manifest just prior to revival breaking out:

  • There will be an increase in united, extraordinary prayer. More people will come together in small groups or large gatherings in churches or across denominational lines to pray. This prayer is passionate, fervent, and repentant in nature – and already this is increasing exponentially!

  • You will hear greater boldness in messages based on the truth of the gospel, including the message of repentance. Not only will the messengers of the gospel proclaim the integrity of the gospel clearly, they will also experience their own repentance and transformation. This is something we should all long for in our lives in preparation for revival.
Keep your eyes on the horizon. Revival fires are not far away. Keep praying; keep seeking the Lord. As we humble ourselves in brokenness, God will draw closer and closer to us (Isaiah 57:15).
Let’s invite the Lord to stir a new passion for prayer throughout all our…churches. Come, Lord Jesus!