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Should we pray for revival, look for revival, anticipate revival, live for revival, journal for revival, read about revival or just plain let it happen – can we step out in faith and go for revival in our churches and see what might happen – if God might show up -or do we have to take a passive stance and wait – is it faith to wait or faith to step out and begin having revival services and see what the Lord might do? I have often thought that if a pastor would just step out and say – we are going three nights or five nights and then see what God might think or how He might respond – would God honor that and demonstrate himself strong and would those who are there experience a fresh touch and His manifested presence – I believe He would and that they could –

I so long and hunger for revival and transformation – something that brings people to Jesus – and demonstrates the power of the Kingdom, and also is not centered on one individual, but has a pluralistic aspect of leadership to it, in other words something that is not personality driven and also something that intentionally reaches out and touches lives outside of the church building where the revival may be happening – where ministry happens in the street – and at the marketplace, in schools and government – steadier than even what we hear from Bill Johnson’s church, and something that is much more frequent – where people experience the supernatural power and presence of God in public places –

But also where the ministry of helps is extended so that food, clothing, supplies, are provided for along with houses being painted, cars repaired, yards spruced up, and people’s lives are repaired and strangers are genuinely helped- much like in the book of Acts where they sold their possessions and shared with those who had a need -where marriages are restored, and children come home, and adults get off drugs and other addictions, multitudes of folks get right with God, and abuse drops significantly because Jesus has walked into their lives – through the personal touch of folks like you and me.

And as a result the Kingdom is advanced, the enemy is pushed way back, crime goes down, poverty goes down, education improves, social problems decline, unwed mothers is a foreign term, abortions won’t be performed, primarily because there isn’t a demand, many clubs and bars close but those who owned them are now gainfully employed elsewhere with business activity that assists, promotes and helps others for the common good,…

And a city and an area begin to change and the real deal of the Gospel comes out and not only does the city change, but people in political realms take notice, and begin to search out what is happening, and local leadership challenges state leadership, and state leadership challenges national leadership – and people begin to link arms instead of packing a side arm wondering who they might hurt next – and they actually begin to minister without even knowing what they are doing…

so much so that what they previously thought was normal is now outdated and reorganized by an anointed move of God – and the church in that town or city which was once barely tolerated is now so appreciated that the public sector would gainfully use the church in many major decisions and the media which previously gave the church perhaps 30 seconds of news, would now spend the majority of it’s broadcasts dealing with issues that God was influencing through the lives of His people who are on fire and experiencing personal revival.

Prayer moves to the forefront, and arguments are dropped, the complainers and whiners begin to change their confession to one of positive reinforcement as they encounter Jesus and the Kingdom of God no longer takes a back seat, but like Rosa Parks, the Kingdom moves to the front of the bus – and the Holy Spirit is now the driver and all who are on the bus go where the Holy Spirit takes us – not caring anymore about personal belongings, or having our name on a plaque or seeing our name in the newspaper, but now denying themselves and taking up their cross and daily following Jesus while recognizing and working towards a unified goal of simply lifting up the name of Jesus so that He can and will draw all people to himself.

That’s what I am looking for – Please don’t tell me it can’t be done – my bible says that all things are possible with God and that we can indeed do all things through Christ who strengthens us – and that those who know their God will do great exploits and take great action –

and so I am counting on Jesus to influence a pastoral leader who will say – lets go a few nights and see what God might do.

Jay W. West
Anointed 2 GO MdM
Seek first the Kingdom of God
I don’t want to miss out – how about you?

“And so after he had patiently endured,
he obtained the promise”
Hebrews 6:15