The Punk Group Advent recently released a song called, REVIVAL.  Since we are in the season of advent, I thought this would be a good post.  The song combines the coming of Jesus with revival…

There is a light in my heart.
The catalyst to ignite the spark.
There is a name on my tongue.
Immanuel, God with us.
There is a cry from deep within our broken hearts for You to meet us here.
And as we gather in this place, Lord send your spirit to ignite the flames of Revival. REVIVAL.
God send REVIVAL.
There is an Almighty King.
His love endures.
He makes righteous everything.
He voice controls the seas.
Lion of Judah, Prince of Peace.
There is a name above all names
Jesus Christ,
King of Kings
and as we gather in his name,
strongholds will fall in the wake of the flames of