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Revivals are supernatural demonstrations of God’s power. When will we learn to let God work in His own way? When will we spend more time in seeking to know what His way is than we do in devising human plans and methods which only bring us a sense of failure and loss? We need a revival. The church needs a revival. The world – hungry, restless, sin-cursed, dying – needs a revival. God wants us to have it. Let us make every effort to meet the divine conditions and let us expect Him to answer by fire.

~ P. V. Jenness, quoted A. Wallis, In the Day of Thy Power

History is silent about revivals that did not begin with prayer.

~J. Edwin Orr

Because revival speeds up the advance of Christ’s kingdom!

(Byron Paulus, Executive Director of Life Action Ministries, quoted in Revive magazine, Winter 2012, 3).

Lord, please bring back Your glory to Your church.Send the fire. Turn the hearts of Your people. May they know that You alone are God!

Del Fehsenfeld Jr.

Suspended on Prayer
By T.M. Moore|Published Date: January 30, 2012


“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”
Matthew 21:22

Ministers of Scotland: Lectures on Revival VI
The Rev. Alexander Cumming, Minister of Dunbarney Parish

“Prayer is an ordinance remarkably suited to the exigencies of our fallen condition, because it tends to preserve in our minds a vivid impression of the divine agency. We are too apt to let our views terminate in the operation of secondary causes, and to forget that Almighty power to which they are indebted for their energy and existence; but when God suspends the communication of his benefits upon prayer, he compels us to recognize his providence in the economy of human affairs.”

Contemporary American Christians have become adept at relying on “secondary causes” in doing the work of the Lord. It’s why we run programs, tweak our liturgies, and organize our churches like businesses rather than flocks. We see ways of doing things that have worked in the world, and so we simply import them into the ministry of the church, forgetting that “God suspends the communication of his benefits upon prayer”. Certainly we will not realize the revival, renewal, and awakening we seek until we give ourselves at least as earnestly to seeking the Lord in prayer as we do to understanding the latest methodology or technology.

What are the greatest obstacles to prayer becoming a more prominent aspect of your own life? Of the life of your congregation?


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Pastor to Pastor brings the insights of great servants of God from the past to pastors in our own day, to link our ministries with theirs in the grand tradition of building the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ

By T.M. Moore|Published Date: January 28, 2012


“On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, that they began speaking in tongues and prophesying.”
Acts 17:5-6

Ministers of Scotland: Lectures on Revival III
The Rev. Alexander Moody Stuart, A. M., Minister of St. Luke’s Parish, Edinburgh

“…while the Holy Ghost is always present in his church, there are times when he draws manifestly nearer and puts forth a greater energy of power. Every believer is conscious in his own soul of changes corresponding to this; for the Spirit is always with him, abiding in him, and yet there are times of unusual communion and far more than ordinary life. And as the Spirit draws near to an individual, so does he draw near to a land, and then religion is revived, spiritual life is revived, spiritual understanding, spiritual worship, spiritual repentance, spiritual obedience. At such a time the Holy Ghost is peculiarly present with his people and powerfully striving with sinners.”

Would you say that this describes the state of the Church, and of our nation at present? Would you think that most Christians would like this to be the state of things? Only the Spirit of God can bring about this kind of revival, renewal, and awakening. But we must seek His presence and power. We must cry out for Him to do what only He can do. We must unite our voices in extraordinary seasons of prayer and pleading, waiting on the Spirit to come nearer and to bless us as only He can. If we will not seek Him thus, we will not know the full power of what He is able to do.

Can you think of three ways your congregation might become more involved in seeking the Spirit for greater nearness and power? Now what can you do to implement these means?


To learn more about revival, order the book, A God-Sized Vision: Revival Stories that Stretch and Stir, by Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge, from our online store.

Pastor to Pastor brings the insights of great servants of God from the past to pastors in our own day, to link our ministries with theirs in the grand tradition of building the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father in Heaven!

America is an election year and we have sinned against you because we have depended on political candidates much more than you!

You are the only hope for America Lord!

In 2012, please send revival!

In Jesus’ name!


Lord Jesus,

We love you and praise you! As we gather on this Lord’s Day to proclaim your Greatness and Power, we pray that that you will send revival to us!

In Jesus Precious Name! Amen

O Lord restore

The church that bears Your name

O Spirit send

A revival to this nation

Breathe on us again

Monday, October 17th, 2011

by Timothy C. Tennent

Christianity Today reported a few years ago that eighty-five percent of the members of Yale University’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter are Asian, whereas “the university’s Buddhist meditation meetings are almost exclusively attended by whites.”1  There is an important lesson in this. It is often stated that Christianity in the Western world is in decline. It is true that, on average, every day there are approximately 7,000 fewer Christians in the West. Statistically, it has been as high as 11,000 fewer per day. However, this is only part of the story. While we are witnessing the dramatic decline in Christianity among Caucasians, the Western world is, at the same time, witnessing the dramatic growth of newly emerging ethnic congregations. The Chinese, Hispanic, African and Korean congregations, in particular, are experiencing unprecedented growth.

This weekend, for example, I had the privilege of speaking at the Rutgers Christian Community Church. It was planted only thirty years ago by a handful of Chinese students from Rutgers University. Today, it is a thriving Christian community with several thousand members. They have English, Mandarin, and Cantonese congregations and are in the middle of a major building program to build a new sanctuary.

Prior to my coming to Asbury I lived in the Boston area. Boston is the home of a major spiritual awakening. More people have come to Christ in Boston in the last three decades than during the Great Awakening, but it has largely gone unnoticed, because it is occurring primarily among African, Chinese, Korean, and Hispanic peoples. There are over 50 different African congregations in Boston and, indeed, on any given Sunday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, more people worship Christ in a language other than English than in English. It has been called the “quiet revival.

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