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Lord Jesus,

We love you and praise you! As we gather on this Lord’s Day to proclaim your Greatness and Power, we pray that that you will send revival to us!

In Jesus Precious Name! Amen

O Lord restore

The church that bears Your name

O Spirit send

A revival to this nation

Breathe on us again

Monday, October 17th, 2011

by Timothy C. Tennent

Christianity Today reported a few years ago that eighty-five percent of the members of Yale University’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter are Asian, whereas “the university’s Buddhist meditation meetings are almost exclusively attended by whites.”1  There is an important lesson in this. It is often stated that Christianity in the Western world is in decline. It is true that, on average, every day there are approximately 7,000 fewer Christians in the West. Statistically, it has been as high as 11,000 fewer per day. However, this is only part of the story. While we are witnessing the dramatic decline in Christianity among Caucasians, the Western world is, at the same time, witnessing the dramatic growth of newly emerging ethnic congregations. The Chinese, Hispanic, African and Korean congregations, in particular, are experiencing unprecedented growth.

This weekend, for example, I had the privilege of speaking at the Rutgers Christian Community Church. It was planted only thirty years ago by a handful of Chinese students from Rutgers University. Today, it is a thriving Christian community with several thousand members. They have English, Mandarin, and Cantonese congregations and are in the middle of a major building program to build a new sanctuary.

Prior to my coming to Asbury I lived in the Boston area. Boston is the home of a major spiritual awakening. More people have come to Christ in Boston in the last three decades than during the Great Awakening, but it has largely gone unnoticed, because it is occurring primarily among African, Chinese, Korean, and Hispanic peoples. There are over 50 different African congregations in Boston and, indeed, on any given Sunday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, more people worship Christ in a language other than English than in English. It has been called the “quiet revival.

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Father in heaven!

I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus that you revive your people in America. We have drifted away from the great salvation that was first declared through Jesus. We have grieved the Holy Spirit through our unforgiveness and broken relationships. We, as your people, have neglected to pray and read your Word and the pursuit of holiness!  Lord, we have sinned against you!

Come Lord Jesus and revive us!

In Jesus’ precious Name!




We prayer that your people will be desperate to know and worship you! May we enter the sanctuary with only one thing on our heart and mind: to worship and exalt you. We are great need of your touch and power. We repent of our mediocrity and our weak Christianity. Restore your people Lord!

In Jesus Name!


History is silent about revivals that did not begin with prayer.

~ Edwin Orr

“Despite our philosophical distinctives there was a palpable shared urgency for genuine wide-scale revival and spiritual awakening—for the church to ‘come fully alive to the glory of Christ’—that was heightened by this remarkable gathering of leaders,” says organizer Byron Paulus, executive director of Life Action Ministries in Buchanan, Michigan. For more about the vision behind this unique event, check out “An Urgent Appeal.”

Echoing these leaders sense’ that the church needs spiritual awakening, I asked several others to explain why they ask God to send revival.

Here is the fifth response…

Del Fehnsenfeld, senior editor of Revive magazine, published by Life Action Ministries in Buchanan, Michigan:

Prayer for revival is a natural overflow of resurrection hope. The logic goes like this: the Bible is the story of how God is working in history to make everything new. Jesus is the central figure in the story. He dealt decisively with what is wrong with us and with the world on the cross, and proved it by rising from the dead and then pouring out his Spirit. And since the story ends with everything being put right or “summed up” in Jesus (Eph. 1:9-10), we know that God’s plan is to move history forward from where things are to that final climax. Thus God is always working by his Spirit to manifest and extend Jesus’ presence, honor, and authority.

But that process is not always incremental. We learn from both the Bible and church history that there are seasons when God’s Spirit works with extraordinary and undeniable power to rapidly move individuals, communities and even nations toward Jesus. This is revival. Knowing God’s final agenda helps me pray with confidence for the intensific, acceleration, and multiplication of the work of the Spirit right now!

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Heavenly Father, according to your promises I pray these prayers in the Name and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ:

Dear Holy Spirit, keep me abiding in Jesus. Also, make God’s Word to live and abide in Me. Then you promise that I shall ask what I desire, and it shall be done for me. I want all my prayers to be answered. (John 15.7)

“Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that I may be free from pain.” So God granted him what he requested. 1Chr 4:10

Lord, fill me now and always with the Holy Spirit. I open my heart to yield to the Holy Spirit. Eph 5.18

Lord, make me consider myself really dead to sin. Rom 6.11

Father, form Christ in me. I want Christ to dwell in my heart through faith, and live in me always. Gal. 2.20; Gal. 4:19; Eph 3:17

Thank You Father that through faith I am the righteousness of God in Christ. 2Cor 5.21

Thank You Father that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in me, whom I have from God. Make me always conscious of this fact. 1Cor 6.19

Thank You Father that I am an ambassador for Christ. Make me a good ambassador for Your Kingdom. 2Cor 5.20

Dear Holy Spirit, show me how to overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of my testimony, and to not love my life to the death. Rev 12.11

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Heavenly Father,

I pray for that you bring about a deep conviction of sin, a spiritual brokenness, a holy fear of you and a genuine repentance among your people. 

Grant us a deep spiritual hunger!

In Jesus Name!


By R.A. Torrey

Prayer will do more to bring a deep and lasting and sweeping revival, a revival that is real and lasting and altogether of the right sort, than all the organizations that were ever devised by man.

The history of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth has been largely a history of revivals. When you read many of the Church histories that have been written, the impression that you naturally get is that the history of the Church of Jesus Christ here on earth has been very largely a history of misunderstandings, disputes, doctrinal differences and bitter conflicts. But if you will study the history of the living Church, you will find it has been very largely a history of revivals. Humanly speaking the Church of Jesus Christ owes its very existence today to revivals. many times the Church has seemed to be on the verge of utter shipwreck, but just then God has sent a great revival and saved it.

Every real revival in the Church has been the child of prayer. There have been revivals without much preaching; there have been revivals with absolutely no organization; but there has never been a mighty revival without mighty praying.

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